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This NSW CDS Container Approval Portal is for “first suppliers” in NSW to register eligible beverage containers for EPA approval.

Please refer to the EPA Website for information about eligible beverage containers and who should obtain the container approval.

Container Compliance

All eligible containers supplied in NSW must be compliant with the Regulation by:

  1. Showing the NSW refund marking - "10c refund at collection depots/points in participating State/Territory of purchase"
  2. Complying with the barcode requirement
  3. Metal cans must not use a prohibited removable ring-pull lid (with exception to cans approved with this lid type before 1 December 2019)

For more information, please refer to the Supplier Obligations Fact Sheet and the EPA Website.

Supply Arrangement Number (SAN) Requirement

To sell eligible beverages in NSW Suppliers must first register with the Scheme Coordinator, Exchange for Change to obtain a SAN and if necessary, enter into a supply arrangement.

Should you have any questions relating to registering as a Supplier with Exchange for Change you can call 02 9119 8810 or email: info@exchangeforchange.com.au